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Vinyl Welder (Vinly welding machine)

  • Advertisement Materials, Vinyl, Flex, Banner, etc

  • Air Cooling

  • Automatic

  • High Frequency

  • AC

  • Portable

  • SI-HW3000#

  • High Frequency

  • Hot Welding

  • 3000W

  • 1.5m/Min

  • 50-600degrees for Different Materials

  • 1.5W

  • 220V and 100V for Option

  • Extra 2 Heat Units for Back-up

  • PVC Cloth, PE Fabric Canvas, Outdoor Poster Banner

  • 1set/Case;

  • 1Set/Case

  • SuperImage

  • Made in China

  • 844339310

  • 100set/Month

  • US$ 450/Set 1 Set(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Products Name: Vinyl Hot-Welding Machine

Aliases: Vinly welding machine, vinly hot-seaming machine, Flex welder, and Vinyl Welder, etc

Package: 1Set/Case

Brand Name: SuperImage

Origial of Certification: China
Main Parts' Original of Certification: Swiss

Certifications & Standards: Original Manufacturer's Standards/CE Standards.
Vinyl Welder (Vinly welding machine) Vinyl Welder (Vinly welding machine) Vinyl Welder (Vinly welding machine) Vinyl Welder (Vinly welding machine) Vinyl Welder (Vinly welding machine) Vinyl Welder (Vinly welding machine) Vinyl Welder (Vinly welding machine)
Main Data:

This machine may bond up disjunct poster banners, via hot-seaming method, without glue.

Bond up disjunct flat painting surface made of heat-melted material, such as PVC cloth, PE fabric Canvas, outdoor poster banner, plastic surface, Sailcloth...Etc.

Specification parameter:
1) Alternant electric voltage 220V/50Hz;
2) Upper limit power 3000W; Average 1.5W
3) Adjustable work temperature 50-600;
4) Adjustable self-move speed 1.0-1.5m/per minute;
5) Whole weight 12 kilogram;
6) Size 400× 300× 300mm.
7). Gross weight: 12KG.
8). Extra accessories: 2pieces of heat units for back-up and replacement.

Main Points:

1). High stability and reliability.
2). Excellent work performance.
3). Super long using life.
6). Operation is easy and convenient.
7). Wide Application: For flex, vinyl, cloth, banner, PE, PVC, banner etc materials.
8). All cole parts, including hot welding head, all is made in Swiss
9). Fine workcrafts, and prefect design.
10). Mostly no noise when working.
11). Running smoothly, and high speed & high efficiency.
12). Full technical support for installation and replacing afforded if neccessary.
13). Consistent quality & reputation.
14). Equippe with wheels, easy moving.

Quality Warranty:
SuperImage affords full quality warranty for our Vinyl welder products.
For any inferior quality products or loss caused by inferior products quality, SuperImage will be responsible for products-changing, returning and replacements delivery, as well as related compensation.

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SuperImage has high-level technical staff, first-class manufacturing equipment and efficient quality-control systems.

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