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Mini Inks Filling Machine for Ink Bags and Ink Cartridges

  • Ink Filling Machines

  • Semi-Automatic

  • Liquid

  • Single-Head

  • Single-Room Feeding

  • Digital Meter

  • SuperImage CMJ-1002#-MINI

  • Peristaltic Pump

  • Manual

  • Rotary

  • Box

  • Foam and Papers

  • Digital Printing

  • 1set/Case;

  • RoHS/EN71/CE

  • SuperImage

  • Made in China

  • 84439990

  • 1000sets/Month

  • US$ 150/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Printers Applicability:

Brother GT printers ink bags
Seiko inks bags
Gerber ink bags

etc all other popular desktop printers' Ink bags and ink bottles.

Aliases: ink bags filling machine, ink bottles filling machines, ink packs filling machines,etcc

Ink packs/ink bags/ink bottles filled avaiable:

Specially for desktop printers' ink packs/ink bags/ink bottles for Brother, SEIKO,Epson, HP, Canon, Encad, Lexmark, Rioch, Brother, Xerox, Zebra, Toshiba, KIP, Willett, Domino, etc printers' ink packs or ink bottles, etc.

It is a quantitative ink supplying machine, or quantitative ink refilling machine, with a peristaltic pum and ink supply tubing. each time, it only can supply or refill one color.

Accessoreis Request: tubings, two-way/or 3-way connectors, charger, filling needles.

Brand Name: SuperImage

Origial of Certification: Made In China

Applicable Ink Types: Pigment Inks, Sublimation Inks, Dye Inks, textile inks, cij inks, UV inks, etc.
Mini Inks Filling Machine for Ink Bags and Ink Cartridges Mini Inks Filling Machine for Ink Bags and Ink Cartridges Mini Inks Filling Machine for Ink Bags and Ink Cartridges
Mini Inks Filling Machine for Ink Bags and Ink Cartridges
Mini Inks Filling Machine for Ink Bags and Ink Cartridges

Top quality, Wide applicability, with RoHS standard, CE Standard, & EN71 Safety Certification.
Really enironmental-friendly Ultra mini inks filling machines, ISO9001-9002 Standards.

Main points:

1). Made of top quality materials and fine work-crafts, specially for all types of desktop printers' ink packs/ink baags/ink bottles filling(usually they use water dye inks, water pigment inks, or other textile inks, acid inks, or active inks, etc)

2). Can be used in filling all types of Epson, HP, Encad, Canon, Lexmark, Brother, Ricoh,Seiko etc printers' ink ink packs/ink bags/ink bottles, which is more than 100 types. (Customers may choose 6 types usually used).

3). Excellent liquid and air sealing along with the whole system, never leakage.

4). Full set of accessories for the installing and connecting, easily install and use

5). Digital setting and display for ink filling volume exactly. Automatically ink level warning, more Safety and more exact.

6). More filling volumes specification setting available(1-50ml). Usually, the desktop printers use 1ml-1000ml ink packs/bags/bottles.

7). Low price, to save print cost.

8). 1 channel of ink filling rounte, 1 color can be filling at the same time.
By using two-way connectors, or 3 way connectors, also 1-3 pieces of ink packs/bags can be filled each time at the same color. high refilling efficiency. It will only take about 20seconds to finish filling a desktop printer' ink packs/ink bags/ink bottles.

9).It is a wall-mounted styel, which cover less space.

10). Specially for Desktop printers' ink bags/ink packs/ink bottles, Epson, HP, Cannon, Lexmark, Rioch, Brother, Xerox, Zebra, Toshiba, etc Desktop InkJet Printers'Ink packs, or bottles.

11). Flowmeter exact control system equipped, the precision can be 0.1ml.

12). Really mini style. there is a handle on the top of the inks filling machine. Users can carry it easily.

13). Really automatic and quantitative style, in the whole ink filling process, full digital controlling, more high efficiency and high exact.

14). As the automatic ink supply or replenish device, it can work both for ink packs/ink bags/ink bottles and CISS, and bulk ink system of printers.

17). Ink refilling data and history can be recorded automatically. Users can check regurlarly.

18). With Ink refill automatic calibration function, which make ink filling each time more exact and stable.

19). Maintenance-free oil-free peristaltic pump equipped. No extra maintenance needed again.

20). With small weight. Users can easily carry it to the offices of customers, and afford spot service.
21). It can not be used for ink cartridges, only for ink packs/bag/bottles.

The main data:
Item Specification
Product Type: SuperImage CMJ-1002-MINI
Control Model: DC motor PWM control technology
Flow Adjustment: Adjust flow via adjusting the rotating speed of motors
Flow Direction Adjustment: Reversible running direction function, top-quality switch control
Power Switch: Top quality power switch, shelf-life assurance
Pump Head of Inks Filling Machine: Pump head structure of planetary gear speed reducer, friction drive
Pump Head Materials: Top-quality pump head SUP-DuPont POM, with excellent self-lubricating capability, increase pump's use life
Pump tubings: Inner Diameter 1mm, and outter Diameter 2mm, solvent-resistant, suitable for all types of inks.
The default configuration quantity: 1 Unit.
Extra configuration quantity: 8 Units for at least 8 colors(Extra charged)
Mini inks filling speed: 1*2 tubings, 50ml/Min.
Power: <10W
Work Voltage: AC90-260V, 50Hz/60Hz
Work Environment: 0-40ºC,Humidity<80%,no condensation
Protection Grade: IP31
Weight: 1LKG

Quality Warranty:
SuperImage affords full quality warranty for our inks filling machines products. For any inner quality shortage or problems, SuperImage will be responsible for the techincal support and online service, and replacement parts delivery, etc.

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SuperImage has high-level technical staff, first-class manufacturing equipment and efficient quality-control systems.

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