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Mimaki Ts500-1800 Sb300AC300/RC300/Sb310 Chips

  • RoHS, ISO9001, ISO, CE

  • For Man Roland Printer, For Komori Printer, Mimaki Ts500

  • Mimaki Chips

  • 2liter One Time Use

  • 2liter One Time Use

  • 2liter One Time Use

  • SI-XP-MI9007#

  • 2L RC300 Ink Bags

  • 2L AC300 Ink Bags

  • 2L Sb300 Ink Bags

  • 40pieces/Pack

  • one-time use off

  • SuperImage

  • Made in Japan/USA

  • 84439990

  • 10000pieces/Month

  • US$ 15/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Mimaki TS500 SB300/SB310 Chips
Mimaki TS500 AC300/RC300 Chips

Printers Compatibility:

Mimaki TS500-1800

Aliases: Mimaki TS500 RC300 chips, Mimaki TS500 AC300 chips, Mimaki TS500 SB300 chips, Mimaki TS500 SB310 chips, Mimaki TS500-1800 sb300 chips, Mimaki ts500-1800 SB310 chips, 2Liter Ac300 chips for mimaki ts500, 2L sb310 chips for mimaki ts500, 2L rc300 chip for mimaki tS500, 2l SB300 chip for mimaki ts500, etc

Package: For 2Liter AC300/RC300/SB300 one time use chips, 40 pieces/pack, matching 2L rc300 ink bags, and 2L ac300 ink bags, and 2L sb300 ink bags

Brand Name: Mimaki

Origial of Certification: Japan

Applicable Ink Types: AC300 Inks and RC300 inks, and sb300 inks
Matching Ink Bags: 2L AC300 ink Bags, 2Liter RC300 Ink Bags, and 2Liter SB300 ink bags
Chips Types: One-time use chips, plus ink bags.
Mimaki Ts500-1800 Sb300AC300/RC300/Sb310 Chips
Mimaki Ts500-1800 Sb300AC300/RC300/Sb310 Chips
Mimaki Ts500-1800 Sb300AC300/RC300/Sb310 Chips
Mimaki Ts500-1800 Sb300AC300/RC300/Sb310 Chips
Mimaki Ts500-1800 Sb300AC300/RC300/Sb310 Chips
Mimaki Ts500-1800 Sb300AC300/RC300/Sb310 Chips

Certifications & Standards: Original Manufacturer's Standards/Genuine Mimaki Manufacturer Standards.

Main Points:

1). Oiriginal quality
2). Stable and Reliable Chips
3). One-time Chips. New ones need replacing after running out.
4). More Varieties and high quality
5). Plug & Play, Easy operation.
6). Reliable Warranty & Refund Policy for The Intact Chips Products.
7). Full technical support for installation and replacing.
8). RC300 2L capacity.
9). Ac300 2Liter capacity
10). Sb300 2Liter capacity
11). Consistent quality & reputation.
12). High stability and reliability.
Specification of Printers, Inks, and Chips
Printer Model Mimaki TS500-1800
Chips Types AC300 RC300 SB300 SB310
Chips Capacity 2Liters 2Liters 2Liters 2Liters
Chips Use Model One Time Use (One-off)
Colors Blue Blue Blue Blue
Magenta Magenta Magenta Magenta
Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow
Black Black Black Black
Orange Orange Light Blue
Red Red Light Magenta
Gray Gray
Minimum Order 5pieces/color, or Totally 40pieces
Matching Ink Types Acid Inks Reactive Inks Sublimation Inks Sublimaiton Inks

Quality Warranty:
SuperImage affords full quality warranty for our Chips products.
For any inferior quality products or loss caused by inferior products quality, SuperImage will be responsible for products-changing, returning and replacements delivery, as well as related compensation.

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