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Empty Ink Cartridges for Ricoh Sg2100n/Sg3100n/Sg7100/Sg3110

  • Ricoh Empty Ink Cartridges

  • Digital Printing

  • Touch Dry Technologies

  • Viscosity

  • Gel Sublimation Inks

  • 30sets/Carton, Minimum Order: 10sets

  • SI-MH-EC1349#

  • RoHS/EN71/CE

  • SuperImage

  • Made in China

  • 84439990

  • 10, 000sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Printers Compatibility:

Ricoh SG2100
Ricoh SG2010L
Ricoh SG3100
Ricoh SG3110DN
Ricoh SG3110DNW
Ricoh SG7100.
Ricoh SG2100N
RIcoh SG3100N

etc Ricoh SG series Gel sublimation inks printers

Aliases: Ricoh empty ink cartridges

Package: 4pieces(CMYK each 1piece)/set, 10sets/carton. Minimum order: 10sets.

Brand Name: SuperImage

Origial of Certification: Made In China
Country of Origin Main Raw Materials: Japan & USA

Capacity: Black: 85ml/Color: 65ml
Chips: equipped with resettable permanent chips.
Ink Cartridges Types:GC-41BK/C/M/Y

Empty Ink Cartridges for Ricoh Sg2100n/Sg3100n/Sg7100/Sg3110
Empty Ink Cartridges for Ricoh Sg2100n/Sg3100n/Sg7100/Sg3110
Empty Ink Cartridges for Ricoh Sg2100n/Sg3100n/Sg7100/Sg3110

Certifications & Standards:

Top quality, Wide applicability, with RoHS standard & EN71 Safety Certification.
Comply with original manufacturer' standard/CE Standard.

Main Points:

1).It is a type of Cycle Free evacuated filling cartridges,which uses top-quality transparent PP material, and injection molding forming technologies;
2).With interior constant-pressure design, never ink leak, nver ink drop, and be suitable for any type of ink, such as gel sublimation inks, heat transfer inks, aqueous dye inks, aqueous pigments and other ink;
3).Using resettable permanent chips. when the printer warns there is no ink, users only need simply pull out the cartridge, then re-insert the ink cartridges,then the printer will display full ink status, which will ensure the ink cartridges can be reused recyclely.
4).The installation is very simple.Users only need unplug the ink stopper, fill inks into the cartridges, and install the cartridges into the printer, then it is ok.
5). High quality sealing and accessembly, never leakage.
6). Plug & Play, Easy & Convenient.
7). Solid, safety and Sealed.
8). Can be used matching with our auto inks filling machines, can be suitable for bulk production.
9). Filling conveniently and easily.
10). Consistent quality & reputation.
11). With resettable permanent chips. users do not need change any chips again.
12). Perfect packages, 1set(cmyk each piece)/box.

Quality Warranty:
SuperImage affords full quality warranty for our inks cartridges products.
For any inferior quality products or loss caused by inferior quality inks cartridges, SuperImage will be responsible for products-changing, returning and replacements delivery, as well as related compensation.

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