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Clothes Printers for Clothes Factory

  • DTG Direct Print

  • Digital Printing

  • Cmyk Ww

  • T-Shirt Direct Printing

  • Automatic

  • USB2.0

  • SuperImage GT3727

  • Windowsxp64

  • DTG Garment Direct Printing

  • Epson Tx800

  • 2 PCS

  • 37cm*27.5cm

  • 37cm*27.5cm

  • DTG Garment Inks

  • Cmyk White

  • No Limits, Open Tyle

  • USA Photoprint

  • 12 Months

  • 1set/Case;

  • 1Set/Case

  • SuperImage

  • Made in China

  • 844339310

  • 10000set/Month

  • US$ 6480/Set 1 Set(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Clothes Printers For Clothes Facotry
Clothes DTG T-Shirts Printers with 4 T-Shirts Trays
Desktop Type DTG T-Shirts Printers with 4 T-Shirts Trays
SuperImage PrintTP3727 DTG T-shirts Printers
SuperImage T-shirts Printers
SuperImage DTG garment printers
SuperImage GT3727 T-shirts DGT printers
Top Quality & Stability & Excellent Warranty

This T-shirts DTG printers are equipped with 4 pieces of T-shirts trays for different printing sizes.

Main Highlights:

It is a latest version of DTG Printers produced by SuperImage Group.
More quick, More High efficiency, and More Stable, More Multi-function,More high performace-price rate.

>>> Epson tx800 print head is adopted. The same print head also be adopted in Epson new printers. The advanced print head Epson TX800 - a wonderful combination of quality and reliability! In order not to confuse the reader a lengthy discourse, we provide a list of the most attractive parameters of this model.
The ability to use a wide range of inks;
The highest incidence rates of injection (8.29 kHz);
Excellent resolution, reaching index 1440 dpi;
Price, absolutely consistent print quality;
Work variable droplet size in the range from 1.5 to 21 pl;
A large number of nozzles (180) is paired with a beautiful image detail;

High reliability, traditionally stable printing, excellent print speed performance, through the use of innovative technologies, to increase by 15%!

>>> The advanced and unique VSDT (Variable-Size Droplet Technology is
Adopted. The 3-level droplet size controlling is realized in printing. 1440dpi
And 1440dpi output is available. The minimum droplet size can reach to 1.5pl.
It protects the perfect transition of gradient colors and ensures the brilliant color
Saturated during the output process.

>>> A unique printing technology of extracted points and inserted rows, which improves the stability of continuous printing work. Also the effective print speed can be enhanced by 20%, and the ink can be saved 15%, At the same time, the bad print strips(Pass Lines Phenomenon) also will not exist.

>>> Wide applicability:DTG Garment Inks used, which make this DTG printers can work in many fields, and print some media directly, like textile, garments, including T-shirts, clothes, textile pieces, leather,silk,fabric,etc bigger size flexible textile materials, with more excellent color fastness, and scratch-resistant ability. it will can be matching with your demands of printing.
Clothes Printers for Clothes Factory
Clothes Printers for Clothes Factory
Clothes Printers for Clothes Factory
Clothes Printers for Clothes Factory
Clothes Printers for Clothes Factory
Clothes Printers for Clothes Factory

Main Data:

Brand: SuperImage
Print Size: 37*27cm(Can be customized as per the demand of customers)
Max. Print Thickness: 70mm
Print Resolution: 1440DPI*1440DPIDPI
Print Speed: Normal Model: 14.9min/A2; Production Model: 90seconds/A2
InkS System: 4 Color+White+White, 5 colors affoded.
Print Heads: 180Nozzles*6color, Droplet Intelligent Changing Technology Adopted.
Droplet Size; 1.5pl
Print Head Cleaning: Automatic Cleaning
Print Head Protection: Infrared automatic protection system
Color Fixing Methods: post-printing heat press.
Operation System: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP(32/64bit), Vista(32/64bit); MacOSX
Power & Voltage: 110-220V 50-60Hz Working Power: 600W/Standby: 50W
Interface Types: USB2.0/1 Interface & 100Base-T Network Interface
Working Environmental: Temperature: 15-35 Celsius Humidity: 20-80% Storage Humidity: 5-85%
Machine Weight: 100KG
Machine Size: 1200mm*1000mm*450mm
Package Size: 1500mm*1200mm*650mm
Package Weight: 150KG
Standard Accessories: RIP(USA Photoprint), Driver CD, Guide Manual CD, CISS Kits(equipped)

Main Advantages:

1). Wide applying arrange and fields.
2). Fine workcrafts, and Excellent quality
3). Good stability and compatibility
4). Converted from Brand New Epson Printers
5). Easy installation and operation.
6). Full technical support for installation and replacing afforded if neccessary.
7). Consistent quality & reputation.
8). Low Inverstments and printing cost.
9). 8 Colors print, More richful and brillant colors.
10). More fine, and more excellent color saturation.
11). Really Flat-bed T-shirt Direct Printing, more functions and applicability.
12). Super stability and reliability.

Main application: to printing bigger size garment,clothes,t-shirts, fiber, fabric,silk etc.textiles.

Quality Warranty:
SuperImage affords full quality warranty for our flat-bed T-shirts printers products.
For any inferior quality products or loss caused by inferior products quality, SuperImage will be responsible for products-changing, returning and replacements delivery, as well as related compensation.
Original Printers Model SuperImage TP3727 Printing Model Micro Piezo Printing
Print Head 2*Epson TX800 Valid Printing Sizes 37*27mm
Color Model CMYK+W+W Interface Types: USB2.0
Print Head Height 70mm Memory 128M
Inks Model Environmental DTG inks Power Working: 800w
Working Environment Temperature: 5-32 Censius Standby: 50W
Humidity: 20-80% Color-fixing Methods Post-print heat press
Power Supply AC100-120V/A220-240V 25000-50000 hours
50-60Hz Prints Outdoor Warranty 5 years
Ink Type: DTG garment Inks RIP Software USA Photoprint
Print Speed: 8pass, 6sq.meter/h. 4pass: 12sq.meter/h

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SuperImage has high-level technical staff, first-class manufacturing equipment and efficient quality-control systems.

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