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Automatic Inks Filling Machine (SI-JQ-FM8IN1#)

  • Ink Filling Machines

  • Digital Printing

  • 1set/Case;

  • RoHS/EN71/CE

  • SuperImage

  • Made in China

  • SI-JQ-FM8IN1#

  • 84439990

  • 1000sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Printers Applicability:

Roland FJ540/FJ640/CJ540/CJ640/CJ740
Roland CJ400/CJ500/CJ600/FJ40/Roland FJ42/FJ50/FJ52/FJ500/FJ600
Roland RS-540/RS-640/Roland SJ540/SJ640/SJ740/SJ545/SJ645/SJ745/
Roland SC545/SC540/SC645/SC640/SC740/SC745/Rolandd SJ-1000/SJ-1045
Roland VP-300/VP-540/SP-300/SP-540/Roland FP-540/FP-740/Roland VS-300/VS-420/VS-540/VS-640
Roland AJ-740/AJ-1000/Roland LEC-300UV/LEC-540UV/LEC-330UV
Mimaki JV1300/JV2/JV22/JV4/Mimaki DS-1600/Mimaki DS-1800
Mimaki JV33/CJV30/JV5/Mimaki TS3/Mimaki TS5/
Mimaki TX/Mimaki TX2/Mimaki TX3/Mimaki GP-604/GP-1810/GP-604D/GP-1810D
Mutoh RJ-4000/RJ-4100/RJ-6000/RJ-6100/RJ-8000/RJ-8100/Mutoh RJ-900/Mutoh RJ-1300
Mutoh Falcon/Muth Falcon II 64/87/Mutoh Viper 90/100
Mutoh Viper TX 90/ Viper TX 90 Extreme/ Viper TX 100 Extreme
Mutoh ValueJet 1604W/Mutoh ValueJet 1614W/Mutoh ViperTX
Epson 7600/9600/4000/4400/Epson 2100/2200/Epson 4450/7450/9450/7800/9800/7880/9880
Epson 7400/9400/4800/4880/R2400/Epson 1400/Epson 1390/Epson 4890/7890/9890
Epson SureColor SC-T3000/SC-T5000/SC-T7000/Epson SureColor SC-30600/SC-50600/SC-70600
Epson 7700/9700/7900/9900/7910/9910/Epson 11880/Epson 11880C/Epson 3800/3880/3850
Epson GS6000/Epson Stylus PRO 10000/10000CF/10600/Seiko Colorspainter 64s/100s
Seiko V-64s/HP 8000s/HP DesignJet 9000s/10000s
HP DesignJet 5000/5500/HP 110/HP 120/HP 130/HP Z2100/Z3100/Z5100/Z6100
Canon IPF8000/8100/8110/8010S/8000S/9000/9100/9110/9000S/9010S
Canon W6200/W6400/W7200/W8200/W8400W2200/W7000/W7250/W9000
Encad Novajet 600/Encad NovaJet 630/Encad NovaJet 700/
Encad NovaJet 750/Encad NovaJet 850/Encad NovaJet 880
Encad 1000I/1200I/Kodak 1000I/1200I
Canon IPF5000/5100/6000/6100/6000S; IPF500/510/600/610/700/710/720/810/820
Gerber Solara UV2; /Colorspan 72uvr/98uvr; Colorspan 72uvx/98uvx; Colorspan 9840UV;
FujiFilm Acuity Advance
All mostly Roland, mimaki, mutoh, Epson, Canon, seiko, HP, gerber, colorspan, encad, kodak, etc printers.
Aliases: Auto Ink filling machines, or Auto Ink cartridges filling machines

Ink Cartridges Content: 75ml, 90ml, 100ml, 120ml, 220ml, 330ml, 350ml, 440ml, 500ml, 600ml, 680ml, 750ml, 800ml, 900ml, 1000ml.

Accessoreis Request: For each type of ink cartridge, An ink cartridge' adaptor requested.

Brand Name: SuperImage

Origial of Certification: Made In China

Applicable Ink Types: Pigment Inks, Sublimation Inks, Dye Inks, Solvent Inks, Eco Solvent Inks, Textile Inks, Reactive Inks, UV Curable Inks, Thermal Jet Inks, Ceramic Inks, Latex Inks, etc.

Automatic Inks Filling Machine (SI-JQ-FM8IN1#)
Automatic Inks Filling Machine (SI-JQ-FM8IN1#)
Automatic Inks Filling Machine (SI-JQ-FM8IN1#)

Certifications & Standards:

Top quality, Wide applicability, with RoHS standard, CE Standard, & EN71 Safety Certification.
Really enironmental-friendly Auto Ink Cartridges Filling Machines, ISO9001-9002 Standards.

When ink cartridges are equipped with ink pouches or ink bags, the ink cartridges also can be filled exactly.
Main points:
1). Made of top quality materials and fine work-crafts, specially for the ink supply tubing, and Spare parts touching with inks, they all are made of anti-solvent materials, with excellent solvent-resistance;
2). Can be used in filling water based inks, solvent inks, eco sol inks, sublimation inks, etc. All Types of inks.
3). Excellent liquid and air sealing along with the whole system, never leakage.
4). Full set of accessories for the installing and connecting, easily install and use.
5). Digital setting and display for ink filling volume exactly. Automatically ink level warning, more Safety and more exact.
6). 8 channels of ink filling rounte, 8 colors can be filling at the same time. Also 8 pieces of ink cartridges can be filled each time, high refilling efficiency, the average filling speed reach 600ml/min.
7). Enclosed with ink cartridges fixing device, more quick, more safety, more convenient filling available.
8). Flowmeter exact control system equipped, the precision can be 0.1ml.

Quality Warranty:
SuperImage affords full quality warranty for our inks filling machines products.

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SuperImage has high-level technical staff, first-class manufacturing equipment and efficient quality-control systems.

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