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30liters Vacuum Cleaner/30L Vacuum Cleaner/30L Floor Cleaning Machine

  • Artificial

  • Mutliple Filtered

  • Dust Bag Filter

  • Cyclone Dust Collection

  • Artificial

  • Vertical

  • SI-VC30#

  • Drum-Type

  • CE, RoHS, SGS

  • New

  • Customized

  • 1 Set Per Carton

  • 30LITERS


  • China

  • 8508600000

  • 10000sets Per Month

  • US$ 75/Set 1 Set(Min.Order) | Request Sample

30Liter SuperClen Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
SuperClean Vacuum Cleaner
SuperClean Floor Cleaning Machine
SuperClean Carpet Cleaning Machine

30liters Vacuum Cleaner/30L Vacuum Cleaner/30L Floor Cleaning Machine
30liters Vacuum Cleaner/30L Vacuum Cleaner/30L Floor Cleaning Machine

30liters Vacuum Cleaner/30L Vacuum Cleaner/30L Floor Cleaning Machine
30liters Vacuum Cleaner/30L Vacuum Cleaner/30L Floor Cleaning Machine
30liters Vacuum Cleaner/30L Vacuum Cleaner/30L Floor Cleaning Machine

1. Latest dusting principle.
The fan impeller of the vacuum cleaner, driven by the motor at high speed, expels the air from the impeller at high speed, and at the same time makes the air in the dust-collecting part continuously supplement the intake fan. In this way, a higher pressure difference may be formed with the outside world. The dust and dirt of the suction nozzle are absorbed into the suction part with the air, and through the leakage device, the dust and dirt are collected into the dust canister.

2. The componment and structurel of the superclean vacuum cleaner.
SuperClean vacuum cleaners are equipped with an assembled brush head for cleaning floors and carpets. Suction cleaners are also equipped with a series of cleaning brushes and suction nozzles to clean corners, curtains, sofas and crevices.
1). Throat: All suction vacuum cleaners will be equipped with hard-throat pipes to connect soft-throat pipes and accessories for cleaning.
2).Electric brush: The cleaning head of the internal vacuum cleaner is a special accessory of the hybrid vacuum cleaner.
3).Round brush head: also known as small suction nozzle, can do 360* turn, easy to clean furniture, fine mesh fabric, etc.
4).Flat suction nozzle: also known as gap suction nozzle, is a slender, flat hard suction nozzle. It is especially suitable for cleaning wall, radiation heater, corner and shallow and narrow areas.
5).Dust-cleaning brush: Made of long and soft mane, suitable for cleaning curtains, walls, etc.
Filtration editing

3. Three-layer Filtering device of the superclean vacuum cleaner.
1). Dust bag filtration:
Dust bag type is filtered by filter material such as dust bag and HEPA. Dust bag should be replaced frequently: 99.99% particles with size as low as 0.3 micron are filtered out, and dust bag should be replaced after each use. Dust bag is used as filter feature, which is clean and convenient, and need not be cleaned every day. The disadvantage is that for a long time, the filter capacity of the dust bag decreases, the pore of the cloth will open, and the filter capacity will decline seriously, which needs to be replaced.
2). Dust cup filtration:
Dust cup is filtered by cyclone duct and HEPA and other filter materials. One key is used to pour out the dust. It is easy to clean up. Dust cup filters garbage and gas through the high-speed rotating vacuum airflow of the motor, and then purifies the air through HEPA and other filter materials, so as to avoid secondary pollution. The advantage is that the dust bag does not need to be replaced frequently; the disadvantage is that it needs to be cleaned up after the vacuum is finished.
3). Water filtration:
Water filtration uses water as a filter medium so that most of the dust and microorganisms will be dissolved and locked in the water when passing through, and the rest will be further filtered after passing through the filter, making the exhaust of the vacuum cleaner may be cleaner than the air when inhaling. The advantages are both wet and dry, while the disadvantages are cleaning after vacuum cleaning.
4. Applying Fields:
SuperClean Industrial vacuum cleaner is a kind of auxiliary or cleaning equipment commonly used in industry. It can be used to collect waste in industrial production process, filter and purify air and clean environment. At the same time, it can be used in conjunction with industrial production equipment to absorb dust and debris generated in production, so as to ensure the cleanliness of working environment and the health of employees. For example, Pratt & Whitney Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is widely used in textile, chemical industry, industrial manufacturing, food packaging and many other industries. According to the requirements of different industries for clean environment, we should select the appropriate inclusive and environmentally friendly industrial vacuum cleaner, improve the working environment of factory workshop, and make the production efficiency more efficient.
5. Technical Data:
Product Model SI-VC30#
Product Name 30Liter Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Barrel Capacity 30Liters
Barrel Model Rotary semi-automatic dumping style
Rated Power 1400W
Functions Dry, Wet, & Blow 3 funcitons
Cable Length 4m
Flexible Pipe Length 2.5m/5.0m/10m
Working Covering Area 200sq.meters
Vacuum Degree(Pressure) >20Kpa
Machine Net Weight 21.5KG
Package Size 40cm*40cm*70cm

6. Warranty:
SuperImage affords "3R" quality warranty for all vacuum cleaner: "Replacement", "Return", & "Refund".

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